Geomorphological, mineralogical and other evidence of the conditions favoring the existence of water on Mars in liquid phase is reviewed. This includes signatures of past…
NGC 5907—”Splinter” Galaxy in Draco with identified Kissler-Patig+Ashman+Zepf+Freeman extragalactic globular clusters 50 million light years away.
10″ f/15 Aries Maksutov-Cassegrain Review.
IC 5146 Emission and Reflection Nebula in Cygnus.
The Bubble Nebula is an ionized hydrogen emission nebula 7,800 light years away, created by stellar winds from the Wolf-Rayet O-type star SAO 20575.
Some preliminary tests of the new Takahashi Mewlon 210 Dall–Kirkham based astrograph, with ASI 1600 MM-C CMOS camera.
ASE is a MatLab application that incorporates MERCURY6 FORTRAN code for automatic search of exoplanet orbital fits to radial velocity data using genetic algorithms.
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My first peer-reviewed publication. 27 new variable stars discovered in the Northern Sky Variabiltiy Survey database, mostly red AGB branch semiregular and irregular variable stars.…
In this paper we present the catalog of new Mira-type and SR+L variable stars in the Northern Sky Variability Survey (NSVS) database, found after complementing…