Abell 61

Abell 61 Planetary Nebula

Abell 61 is an old, evolved planetary nebula, about the size of the M97 – The Owl, although much fainter. It is measured 3.4′ in diameter – about 4 light years across, and is located 4,566 light years away from us in a beautiful star field of Cygnus.

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M 42 Nomenclature

M 42 region names after historical observations of Herschel, Struve and Rosse published at SEDS
M 42 region names after historical observations of Herschel, Struve and Rosse published at SEDS

M42, the Great Orion Nebula, is probably one of the most interesting objects in the sky. The amount of details visible in a telescope of even very small diameter is exciting. This small project is an attempt to help ourselves to stay more oriented when referring to the visible features of M42.