Abell 81

Abell 81—Planetary Nebula in Cepheus
Abell 81—Planetary Nebula in Cepheus (IC 1454, PK 117+18 1, ARO 376)

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Image Data

Telescope: 10″ Aries f/15 Maksutov-Cassegrain on Astro-Physics 900GTO German Equatorial
Accessories: Moravian G1-0300 as Off-Axis Guider, 0.67X Astro-Physics CCD Telecompressor
Focal Length and Resolution: 2692 mm, 0.52″/pixel
Instrument: QSI 532wsg at -20 deg. C
Exposures: H-alpha (G): 2×30 min, O-III (B): 2×30 min, S-II (R): 2×30 min. Total: 3 hours
Filter(s): Astrodon Narrowband
Exposure Date: 21 April 2011
Seeing, FWHM: 2″
Processing Software: MaximDL, PixInsight, Photoshop
Image Acquisition Software: MaximDL, TheSky6, CCDAutoPilot, FocusMax, PinPoint

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Object Data

Constellation: Cepheus
Type: Planetary Nebula
Dimensions: 38.16″
Magnitude: 14.8 (B), 14.0 (V)

Processing Procedure

Central star not visible (filters too faint, poor conditions: transparency 1/5 during the session.)
Processing steps: RGB combine, Histogram Transform, ACDNR Noise Reduction, Erosion, Histogram Transform (small tweak), HDR



Papers on this object can be obtained via SIMBAD astronomical database hosted by the Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg.