M 51

M 51—The Whirlpool Galaxy
M 51—The Whirlpool Galaxy
Ultra-deep view of the Whirlpool Galaxy—a collaboration project initiated by Yuri Toropin.

How deep amateurs can go? The Hubble Ultra Deep Field has inspired amateurs from the very first moment it became available. In 2010, Yuri Toropin, PhD, has started an international collaboration project whereby many amateurs worldwide have submitted their M51 imaging data into a single large dataset. This is my own version of processing this wonderful collection of photons.

Post-processed on 24″ iMac using PixInsight, eXcalibrator, Aladin Sky Atlas and Adobe Photoshop CS4.

Image Data

Source FITS files contain data from the following telescopes:

Author Telescope D, mm F Ratio Camera Pixel Size, micron Exposure, min
Andrey Kuznetsov Astrosib RC-360 360 8.00 FLI PL-09000 12.00 390
Boris Satovskyy Astrosib RC-360 360 8.00 SBIG STL-11000M 9.00 460
Dmitry Ivanov Newtonian, 230/1105 + Paracorr 230 5.53 QHY-9 5.40 390
Harry Page Newtonian, 14″ f/5 352 5.00 SXVF H16 7.40 425
Igor Chekalin TAL-250K + Focal Reducer 250 6.00 Canon 350Da 6.40 630
Ivan Ionov Newtonian, 250/1250 250 5.00 QHY2Pro 6.45 116
Nikita Shamorgin Astrosib RC-508 508 8.00 Canon 5D Mk.II 6.40 690
Oleg Milantiev Newtonian 250/1250 + Paracorr 250 5.75 Canon 450Da 5.31 1230
Pedro Re TMB 152mm APO 152 8.00 SBIG ST-10XE 6.80 300
Russel Croman RCOS 20″ f/8 Ritchey-Cretien + FC 502 8.00 SBIG STL-11000M 9.00 945
Steve Mazlin RCOS 16″ f/8.7 Ritchey-Cretien 402 8.70 SBIG STL-11000M 9.00 1740
Vlad Onoprienko Santel 9″ Maksutov-Cassegrain 228 7.63 SBIG ST-2000XM 7.40 435
Yuriy Toropin TEC 140ED APO 140 7.00 QSI-583wg 5.40 495

Copyright Disclaimer

Ultra Deep Amateur Shot of M51
Obtained on Variety of Setups

Copyright 2010

Andrey Kuznetsov, Boris Satovskyy, Dmitry Ivanov, Harry Page, Igor Checkalin,
Ivan Ionov, Nikita Shamorgin, Oleg Milantiev, Pedro Re, Russel Croman,
Steven Mazlin, Vlad Onoprienko, Yuriy Toropin

Included image of M51 galaxy was compiled from
materials obtained by the following amateur
astrophotographers (in alphabetic order):

Andrey Kuznetsov
Boris Satovskyy
Dmitry Ivanov
Harry Page
Igor Checkalin
Ivan Ionov
Nikita Shamorgin
Oleg Milantiev
Pedro Re
Russel Croman
Steven Mazlin
Vlad Onoprienko
Yuriy Toropin

You can use and modify supplied data in any way with only two obligations:
1) you have to mention the copyright of the group stated above in case if you
will publicly present any product of any kind in that supplied data or
any part of it was used.
2) this Disclaimer file should be distributed together with provided materials.

Contact Yuriy Toropin (yuriy.toropin(at)gmail.com) in case of any questions
related to supplied materials or their use.


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