LambdaCDM and Galaxies


A poster about our universe, in particular the LambdaCDM cosmology and galaxies. Evolution of the universe via hierarchical clustering can be tracked from the primordial photon-baryonic fluid at the age of ~ 379 kyr (center left) through towards first stars, galaxies, galaxy clusters and Laniakea. Evidence for dark matter and dark energy, Λ, is reviewed. Additional information is provided on the distance ladder—ways astronomers use to measure distances—and the AGN Paradigm that explains all active galaxies depending on the line of sight.

For educational use only. 300 dpi version of this poster is available upon request. I have tried to retain copyrights and give credit to the original image authors wherever possible, however, due to time constraints could not have done so for all the objects. Please contact me if you believe I need to include a reference.