108 New Variable Stars in the NSVS Database

In this paper we present 105 SR+L, 1 Orion T Tau and 2 RS CVn type variable stars found in the Northern Sky Variability Survey (NSVS) database.

This work is designated to complement and finalize our previous publication of the Extended Catalog of Red AGB Variable Stars found in the NSVS database as is primarily designated to find SR+L stars. While the previous work employed the AOV ratio cutoff at >1.6 to pick stars showing slow variability pattern, we have manually processed all the remaining objects originally filtered out by the smaller AOV ratio and picked the ones with light curves showing obvious variability pattern. All the stars presented have no identification in General Catalogue of Variable Stars, SIMBAD and VSX databases thus most likely the stars presented are new discoveries.

Link to full paper in OEJV